Point the way – we’ll help you get there.

WH Cornerstone Investments, LLC provides wealth management solutions with straight talk, real options, and thoughtful counsel designed to protect your financial foundation while building your long term wealth.

Here’s how:


As a privately-held firm, we’re beholden to no one but you. Instead of collecting fees for selling proprietary products, we charge transparent fees for our services and counsel – a fee that varies with the range of services a client uses. There are no hidden costs or expenses. No hidden agendas either.

Access to Knowledge

You can count on WH Cornerstone to orchestrate financial complexities to meet your lifelong goals. How? We conduct our own research, select only the best partners, participate in national conferences and study trends to ensure you have access to a full range of financial services.

Unique Process

Amazing results occur at the intersection of life planning and financial planning. Our actionable short-term plan gets your wallet and life plans in sync.

We’re not like everyone else. But neither are you.

If you believe your future is greater than your past, let us help you get there.

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A few years back, The Patriot Ledger pulled together a group of local business folks to comment on economic and business issues facing our region and the country. I am grateful to serve with these distinguished business leaders. The recent question posed to the Economic Advisory Panel dealt with “where’s the smart money headed next”? […]

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Explaining the difference between what our firm does rather than other financial services firms can be challenging. So here’s an analogy we hope helps. Think about a national restaurant chain, like Olive Garden, and then think about a local chef run restaurant in your area. Our firm, WH Cornerstone Investments, is like a chef run […]
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