Second Act Retirement Coaching

You’re not quite ready to retire.

 You need help discovering and planning what is next.


Widow second act retirement coaching
Not knowing what retirement will entail is unnerving


The ultimate goal of your money is
to live your best life possible in your second act.

Do you dream of opening a flower shop during your golden years? Have you always wanted to attend a yoga retreat in Bali? The ultimate goal of your money is to live your best life possible in your second act. That’s why we created Second Act Retirement Coaching™, a service to help you discover what is truly important and how you’ll achieve it during your second act. We look at your values, your vision, and your reality to carefully design a plan to help you achieve your desired retirement, whatever than may look like.


Your values

What’s important to you in life has brought you to this point. It’s time to celebrate.  

Your vision

We’ll deep dive and ask a series of questions to imagine how you’ll spend your days.

Your reality

We’ll work together to design your desired retirement life and build a plan.

The ultimate goal of your money is to live the best life possible with the money you have in your second act.

Together, we can help you achieve that.

Still have questions? See below. If not, schedule a call today.

Are you prepared?

You’ve worked hard in your accumulation years. Now you are thinking about entering your distribution years. Discover how your money has helped you have a “return on your life” by taking this assessment now. You will also be subscribed to our financially empowering monthly newsletter.


What types of clients do you work with?

We work with individuals and couples who have had successful lives, careers and are now are looking to navigate their retirement years with a thoughtful plan of action. Often these are business owners who have spent many years building their business yet not focusing on hobbies and other interests. If they are married, they want to figure out how they intersect their lives so they can continue to enjoy time apart as well as together.

Do you meet with clients virtually?

Yes. We service clients throughout the nation by leveraging the power of technology for virtual meetings. Our clients find them very engaging and interactive. However, if you’re located in Massachusetts or the greater New England area, we can schedule a meeting at office—Cornerstone Cottage—in Kingston, MA. The Cornerstone Cottage is our unique office space, check out a video tour of the space here.

How do you get paid and what is the investment for this service?

Our fee for this service is $1,500 and is paid directly to the firm.

What do I need to prepare or bring with me to meet with you?

Before you meet with us, we typically have you fill out an online risk assessment. We’ll ask that you provide us with some personal and financial information. We will also provide you with our Future Advantage Questionnaire™ to help you prepare for the questions we will review together. You are welcome to bring your questions too. Our initial meetings are anything but ordinary. It’s a chance for us to get to know you, where you’ve been on your financial (and personal) journey and where you want to go.

I'm married. Does my spouse need to come to the meetings?

Yes. We like to meet with both spouses and have a relationship with both of you. Also, in order for you to have success in financial life planning we want to ensure that your goals, dreams and aspirations are aligned and that everyone is committed to the same future. As married business partners, we know first hand how important it is to have everyone on the same page.