Investment Approach

Our disciplined approach always puts you first. 

Investment Approach for Widows

We keep the big picture in mind.

Our approach and philosophy to investing is always to keep the big picture in mind while taking short-range, actionable steps to maximize returns and provide downside protection against market volatility. We are disciplined, unemotional and long-term focused in all markets. As a result, our client portfolios hold up.

How do we accomplish this? We start with our own in-house research, leveraging many well-known, respected publications, money managers, and independent research companies. We look for companies and funds that have both an “economic moat” around them and a measurable track record of rewarding shareholders.  We are always focused on liquidity, keeping costs low, and being sensitive to tax implications, in addition to comfort, control and transparency.


We strive for our clients to be able to explain their holdings at a cocktail party—in other words, we want them to understand and feel comfortable about the securities in their portfolio.


We want our clients to have the ability to promptly liquidate assets as needed, so we choose investments that don’t tie up their money for long periods of time. 


We often build portfolios with individual bonds and equities,  ETFs and mutual funds because you always know what you are holding, along with the associated fees and costs.

As a fiduciary, our duty is to put you first. When you invest with us, you can expect your wealth to be managed with the same diligence and attentiveness with which we manage our own.

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