Our Financial
Planning Process

You have big aspirations, and aren’t quite sure where to start. We can help you there.

WH Cornerstone Our Process

We're dream architects.

We’re not just financial planners, we’re dream architects. WH Cornerstone Investments knows that financial planning is not just about the numbers: it’s a strategic plan for your life. Our five step process provides you with a comprehensive procedure to identify and capture your unique goals and dreams.

The Future Advantage™

We begin with a series of thought provoking questions to gain a baseline understanding of your personal finances, investments, taxes and trusts, as well as to understand where you are right now and what you envision for your future

The Discovery Experience™

We then work with you to focus in on your one to three year goals and craft strategies to help you achieve them. We make sure to conduct an asset and liability assessment to estimate your net worth, measure your tolerance for risk, assess potential tax burdens, and conduct a cash flow analysis to gain an understanding of what’s coming in and what’s going out and develop personalized financial ratios.

Additionally, we invite all of our clients to take the Kolbe A™ Index, which helps us to understand your natural instincts and learn how to best deliver information customized specifically to you, ensuring that we have the best possible professional relationship.

The Protection Analyzer™

Next, we take special care to analyze anything that might be keeping you from moving forward and reaching your financial goals. We address the most urgent and important pieces of your financial life and make sure you are protected by eliminating unnecessary risk.

The Total Asset Optimizer™

When your assets are working together in harmony, you have a higher likelihood of achieving your financial goals, which is why we take care to help you balance your existing assets and to develop strategies to accumulate new ones

The Enlightenment Navigator™

Finally, we know that life is not static and neither is your plan. An important aspect of achieving your plan is to continue to monitor it, measure it, and, when necessary, modify it

Once we understand your priorities, vision and goals, we craft a portfolio to help you get there. We offer our clients access to a secure portal to review their accounts whenever they want and email monthly statements  that include our At A Glance market commentary. We find that an annual review meeting meets the needs of most clients and we make ourselves available for any ad hoc meetings, phone calls and emails to respond to your life changes and needs.

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Now that you know a little bit about who we are and what we do, consider scheduling a meeting. Our discovery session is a no-pressure way for us to get to know each other.