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How to Choose Your Medicare Coverage

This is a big decision. And it will follow you for the rest of your life.

Age 65 is when you can finally transition to Medicare coverage, although you can sign up a bit earlier. (If you’re disabled, you don’t even have to wait to age 65.) So, if you’re nearing age 65, it’s time to look into the best Medicare choice for you.

The decisions you make at this time can affect your medical coverage for the rest of your days, and – with few exceptions – at no other time do you have the opportunity to pick any plan you want.

But the yearly barrage of television commercials – and the drip-drip of ads found on flyers, mailers and in your favorite magazines – create nothing but noise. What’s worse? They don’t show you how to choose what’s best for you.

This guide provides you with a clear explanation of the initial decisions you need to make, including:

  • How Medicare options fit together
  • What their rough costs are
  • The pros and cons of each option
  • When and how to file

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