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When life throws you a curve ball, where do you turn?

Your spouse and partner died. It hurts. A lot.

You will heal. You will rise up. It will take time. There will be lots of baby steps, mostly forward, but a few backwards so don’t be surprised.

Some days you have felt light, full of energy and able to tackle all that you need and want. However, some days you will want to pull the covers back over your head. And you will. And that’s okay.

We developed this workbook for you to use to help you organize your financial and personal life, since they are so intertwined, including  three critical pieces of advice that we share with all of our widowed clients.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us or schedule a free consultation.

We are here to help.

Click below to download our Curve Ball Life Planning™ workbook and start rebuilding your personal and financial life.

It’s a good place to start.