Fees: No Strings Attached



Just like your lawyer, we are fiduciaries who adopt a code of ethics to put you first.

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA), WH Cornerstone Investments, Inc. has a legal obligation to put your interests first.

Our fees are transparent. You pay for our counsel and services. We are fee for service.

Because we’re independent, we’re not beholden to any large company agenda. It’s all about you. No strings attached.

What you’ll pay: 

Our money management fees are based upon the assets under management and are charged monthly in arrears. We charge 1% of assets under management on the first $3,000,000 and have price breaks beyond that. (Note: If the total household account size is below $500,000 our fee is 1.5% of assets under management.)

Our financial planning fees are charged as a flat rate, which typically range from $3,000 to $10,000. Fees are based upon the complexity of the situation.

We also offer annual retainer and subscription fees for comprehensive wealth management.  We’re happy to discuss any and all solutions to provide you financial peace of mind. Drop us a line. 

Still have questions about our fees?

Take a look at our extensive FAQ for all matters relating to how we work and how we charge.