Our Approach


Our Approach




We think and act with your whole life-and all its moving parts-in mind.

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Our fees are transparent. You pay for our counsel and services.

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We’re authentic, thoughtful, straight-shooters. Ask us anything.

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Money Mantra: Defined by you.

All of our clients share the same commitment and motivation to achieve their own unique financial success however they choose to define it. Whether you are married, divorced or widowed; building your own business, work for someone else or are preparing to shift gears; wherever you are in life, WH Cornerstone has the financial expertise and perspective to help you achieve your goals.

At the intersection of strategic and practical, you’ll find our short-term, actionable plan.


Here’s why it works:

  • supports optimal decision-making based on known facts (business opportunities, real estate transactions, kids in college, tax rates, inflation, etc.)
  • provides a near-term, measurable benchmark for realizing your most important (and urgent) financial goals
  • keeps us and you focused on what is most important for realizing your personal vision of a brighter future

See why our innovative Future Focus Quest™ paves the way for a sound, visionary plan. 


Money Matters

It’s personal and emotional. And you have a choice where it goes. We believe in financial transparency and autonomy: especially when it comes to fees for our services.

We are fiduciaries. Our fees are transparent and vary with the range of services you use. There are no hidden costs or expenses. No hidden agendas either.

So, when we say we’re dream architects, we mean it. As a privately-held firm, we’re beholden to no one but you. If you dream it, we’ll build a plan for it. Learn about our fee structure.

When life throws you a curveball

We’re passionate about empowering widows with their financial future. Our Curve Ball™ Life Planning paves the way for rebuilding the financial (and personal) lives of those going through a season of loss. Learn more about this service and watch our video for the most crucial advice we offer people finding themselves suddenly single.