Just like a recipe, your retirement is much easier to create and more enjoyed when it’s well planned.

Join Paula Harris, Author, Speaker, and Co-founder of WH Cornerstone Investments and Marcia Mantell, Retirement Business Consultant, Blogger and Author of Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan from 6:00-7:00 pm EST on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 for their upcoming webinar, Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan in the New Year to learn:

      • Combining the main ingredients necessary for a great retirement recipe: time and money
      • How to navigate the complexities of retirement income
      • Actionable steps to maximize returns and secure finances against market volatility
      • Intentional ways to plan for a return on life

In addition to these great insights, all attendees will receive a FREE copy of Marcia’s book, Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan!

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About the Speakers:

Marcia Mantell

Marcia Mantell is a retirement business consultant, a blogger, author of 3 books including Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan, and a mom of 2 millennial daughters.

After 30+ years in the industry, she knows her way around planning for retirement, Social Security and Medicare.

She writes extensively about retirement in Retirement Daily on The Street and has been a guest several times on Jean Chatzky’s podcasts. She’s known for translating the technical so we can all understand complex retirement laws.

She works with individuals and their advisors helping them navigate the crazy world of retirement income, Social Security, and Medicare.

Paula Harris

As WH Cornerstone Investments’ co-founder, Paula Harris is part financial advisor and part dream architect who takes great pride in helping her clients, particularly mid-life widowed women, obtain financial peace of mind while they get back on their feet, rise up and navigate their path forward.

Paula is assisting people in the life planning that goes hand-in-hand with financial planning. She is a Return on Life Advisor™, as well as, a Certified Jack Canfield Methodology Trainer in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. She is the author of Rise Up: A Grief Journal, Rise Up: A Widow’s Journal and a co-author of Life Lessons in Success: How to win at the game of life. 

Paula is also the founder of Rise Up Success Training and is the creator of the Rise Up community for women in transition. She also has YouTube channel called Wisdom Wednesday | Paula Harris where she shares her pondering’s, positivity and prayer. 

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