Carlos Roberto Dias Neto, an international student from Brazil, embarked on a journey to fulfill his life’s aspirations when he left his home country in 2016. He received a full ride soccer scholarship to pursue his education at the esteemed British International School of Phuket in Thailand.

After successfully completing his studies at the international school, Carlos decided to take a gap year to pursue his passion for soccer in Spain. Presently, he is enrolled at Stonehill College in Massachusetts, where he is a rising Senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Political Science and International Relations.

During his free time, Carlos finds immense joy in a variety of activities, including immersing himself in captivating non-fiction books about self-improvement, economics, and philosophy. He also loves exploring nature, maintaining his fitness through running, and cherishing meaningful conversations with his friends and family.

Known for his remarkable adaptability and strong family values that have been displayed throughout his challenging journey. Carlos stands out as an individual who embraces new experiences and remains connected to his loved ones. He is thrilled at the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the accomplished WH Cornerstone team during this summer as a summer intern.

Did you know…Carlos also:
  • can name flags from every country in the world
  • has a younger brother that attends the same international school in Thailand
  • has been to 18 different countries
  • speaks three languages fluently: English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Like Carlos and all of us here at WH Cornerstone Investments, do you believe your future is greater than your past?

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