In the investment field, there are two primary parties who are able to offer investment advice to individuals. These parties are investment advisors and investment brokers who work for broker-dealers. Many consumers may consider the investment advice they receive from each party as similar, but there is a key difference that may not be completely understood by the investing public. Investment advisors must act as legal fiduciaries and act in their clients best interest. Investment brokers must do what’s “suitable” for their clients.

Think of it this way. If you need a heart operation, which doctor would you select? The one who offered you a “suitable” operation or the one who would legally do what was in your best interest? Seems obvious to us.

Our firm pledges the following fiduciary oath to our clients .

We believe in placing our clients’ best interests first. Therefore, we are proud to commit to the following five fiduciary principles:

  • We will always put our clients’ best interests first.
  • We will act with prudence; that is, with the skill, care, diligence and good judgment of a professional.
  • We will not mislead clients, and we will provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts.
  • We will avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We will fully disclose and fairly manage, in our clients’ favor, any unavoidable conflicts.

Will your advisor sign on to this fiduciary oath? You owe it to yourself to ask.

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