It’s been said that if you are not learning and growing, you are dying. WH Cornerstone co-founder Paula Harris has come to live by this sentiment. “In order to live life to the fullest, we continually need to seek out new ways to challenge ourselves to become the best version of ourselves,” she says.

Paula did just that when she attended a 2019 Jack Canfield Train The Trainer program. Paula muses that experiencing 14 days of life training over a six-month period had attendants deeply examining their own lives. “This was a wonderful way for me to grow along my own personal life journey,” she reminisces.

Following graduation from the program, 36 newly certified Jack Canfield Methodology Trainers came up with the idea for a book as a way to stay connected with one another and get their individual messages around success out into the world. Thus, Life Lessons in Success was born.

What to expect from the book

Life Lessons in Success Book Cover“A single person can have a profound impact on the world, so imagine what can be accomplished when 36 people can come together and work towards a single goal,” says Paula.

The idea for Life Lessons in Success was to create a guide that would help others achieve success on their own terms. The 36 co-authors decided that the best way to accomplish this was to share their own personal stories and journeys. While the stories are all very different, they were all chosen with this single goal in mind.

“What I love most about this book is that those who read it will be able to see that success comes in many different forms,” says Paula. The book features a wide array of perspectives from lawyers to teachers, widows to chefs, and homeless to entrepreneurs. Each story is unique and exemplifies that there is no single cookie-cutter version of what success looks like.

Tips from Paula

Paula notes that she found the writing process transformative in itself, saying that, like any great milestone, it was a good reminder to pause and reflect. She shares some specifics that she has taken away through the writing process:

  • Always show up as your authentic self. Being vulnerable allows you to make your deepest connections both with your higher self and with others.
  • Surrounding yourself with mentors can be transformative in moving your life forward—both more quickly and with greater ease.
  • Shared experiences are powerful. We all have wildly different lives but shared experiences can boost patience, empathy, and understanding.

Who should read Life Lessons in Success?

Are you on a personal or professional development trek? Then this book is for you. The pages are filled with positive messages meant to refuel both your mental and emotional tanks.

Order your copy today.

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