“Social Security is the single most important, yet highly misunderstood, source of income for most Baby Boomers.”  – Marcia Mantell

Recently Social Security maven Marcia Mantell and WH Cornerstone held a special webinar presentation: Uncovering Social Security Secrets.
No matter your life’s journey, whether you’re married, divorced, widowed, or single – Marcia takes some of the mystery out of this complex yet critical income source so you can be better armed and ready to make the best decisions you can when it comes time to claim your benefit.
Marcia answers several common questions during this informative webinar, including:
  • How much money will I actually get from Social Security?
  • How soon can I retire and start collecting my Social Security?
  • What are my options for claiming?
  • Do I really get benefits on my spouse or ex-spouse?
Reach out today so we can help you navigate your Social Security journey.

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