So, what do we give to the Mom we love?

The remainder of sheltering-in-place and Corona have turned everything upside down. And, especially if your mother is part of the more vulnerable age 60+ population, there’s a chance the standard Mother’s Day brunch won’t work unless you live together.

What about getting a little more creative – and finance-focused – this year?

Here are a few ideas of Mother’s Day gifts that don’t require face-to-face time, but can be shared through Facetime, if needed.

Gift some financial planning 

Are you comfortable with your financial advisor, but your Mom isn’t happy with hers? Whether or not she freely discusses finances with you, if you think she’d appreciate it, set her up with that certain CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. Then, call to prepay for an appointment.

Once that’s done, be ready to help your mother prepare for the meeting. This could be the first step towards a much healthier retirement for Mom.

Invest in something

If your mother has always been curious about investing in the digital economy, but has never veered away from her dividend paying, blue-chip utility stocks, think about providing her with a gift of shares of the new digital economy. She’ll be on ‘the cloud’ nine with that Mother’s Day gift.


Have you heard your mother say, “Gee, I wish I had …” about a certain activity? Or a trip to a bucket-list destination once the virus is under control? Or a home-based project that makes it a more exciting place to take shelter when needed? Maybe a garden? Or a craft room?

The past two months have been stressful for everyone. The most important message you want to send is that you care.

And, while money may be a touchy subject for many, finding a financial gift that does not infringe on privacy can be the ultimate way to say, “I truly care”, even if you have to say it on a Zoom call.

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