We are positive people. We look for the good and the blessing in every situation–the silver linings. We will look back on these uncertain times of the stock market, coronavirus (COVID-19) and be grateful for many of the opportunities that are presenting themselves. This is what we see so far. What do you see?

Let’s co-create this list.

Pause and priorities.

You’ve been forced to pause the busyness in your life. To step back and slow down. Reevaluate what’s really important. We will likely emerge more focused and calmer with more space in our days and calendars. As we reflect, we will reconnect to our values and shed who and what no longer serves us at this point in life.


With fewer places to go and places to spend our money we may realize that our spending had become out of whack from our priorities and values. Maybe we don’t need so much stuff, so many activities and experiences to feel happy and whole.

Learning new skills.

So many are already posting about their online learning from voice lessons to guitar lessons. Yoga and meditation teachers are offering and leading online classes. Consultants are teaching people how to reshape their business with online tools, like Zoom, for free. Teenagers are creating videos of what each day of home school is like starting with morning announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance to “lunch dad” check out of the home kitchen—creativity! Meditation is a skill that is getting many folks through tougher times like these.


Many of us are focusing on boosting our immune systems by getting enough sleep, taking supplements, eating more home cooked, nutritious whole food-based meals that we cook at home rather than getting from a fast food window or in a take-out bag or box. We are exercising and meditating.


There seems to be more individuals and families out walking, running, biking and exploring open spaces. Fresh air and sunlight are the prescription to so much that may cause “illness” in a society. Keep exploring the great outdoors—all year round.


We are reconnecting with the most important people in our lives—our families, especially our children. We are having family dinners, that we cook ourselves. We are playing games and watching movies together. We are getting outside for walks and bike rides together. With all the distractions set aside and the busyness of our activities missing, we may just realize that we prefer to be together as a family unit rather than a group of related people sleeping under one room but being separate and disconnected.


Some of us are being hit financially harder than others during this time of social distancing. People are leaving bigger tips, donating to their local food pantries and local school systems for those who were getting free or subsidized meals, and still paying their employees and service providers despite being closed. People are keeping an open heart and wallet.


People are extending hand to our neighbors, especially the elderly ones who may need to stay in place. People are requesting cards to be sent to those in retirement homes and senior living communities so they can stay connected to the world. One friend asked for birthday cards for her 89-year-old mother who will not be able to see family on her birthday this year. People are smiling more and saying hello when you see them in the parking lot at the grocery store or walking outside. May this kindness stay a way of life

Cost of college.

The cost of college is astronomical. Many have been waiting for the “bubble” to burst. May this be the event that pops the bubble so that college costs come down. Distance and online learning are going to leap forward for all ages in the weeks to come. It will also take on a new sense of legitimacy as more people are actually using it and understanding its value.

Faith and prayer.

The world has been drifting more and more from organized religion. It’s these “life boat moments” that test us, having a faith life can be soothing, comforting and uplifting. Having an active prayer practice is centering and supportive. With so many churches and temples closed temporarily, it’s a wonderful time to explore prayer apps and other ways we can stay in community together, apart. Many churches are putting their masses and services online for their parishioners and priests, pastors and reverends are taking to social media to share their message. Just think how powerful it will be when we all gather in person again.

Fred Rogers was known for saying, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Where are you seeing the helpers in your life? In your community? In our world?

Together, let’s look for the good and share the positives–the silver linings. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.


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