“Yesterday was truly meaningful for me. Thank you. I met such amazing women!  The sense of community was incredible. I didn’t know that I needed it and I definitely didn’t know that I would find it so comforting.”

We held our second Let’s Redefine Valentine’s Day brunch this year at the Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham. We had 45 women attend to hear our Author, Speaker, Coach, and Influencer Grace Liang of Activate Your Inner Power.

Grace shared stories of her life growing up in rural China, to meeting the love of her life Bob to lose him to cancer 13 years later. Her story continues as she has learned to activate her inner power and now she helps others do the same! You can learn more by reading her book: Finding Grace: How to navigate the journey from tragedy to triumph. 

“Wonderful brunch with very interesting people.”  Connections were sparked around “the round dining tables enhanced comfortable feeling and communication” between the women. “Sharing stories and listening to others was wonderful. When time passes people forget that widows are still suffering. Great idea to talk it out. Thank you.”

We are often asked why we do this. It’s our way of giving back to a group of very special women who need support—financially and emotionally—along their new path. Paula grew up watching her grandmother, Mary, widowed at 50, giving back to her Oak Square community. She was always organizing events and trips for the seniors which brought “riches” to her life. She was a great role model for Paula.

We do some of our best work helping mid-life widows rise up, get back on their feet and navigate their path forward.

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“Where it was my first time, I had no expectations. Now I will look forward to any gatherings that I am invited to to experience more of what was presented to me yesterday. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the people. It was nice to be around people who understand exactly where you’re coming from. I prayed for all those women last night, for those who have not healed and for those who have and realize that life goes on. We always hear that you only live once. I think you live every single day, you only die once. We all need to live that life every single day the best we know how even without our soulmates being next to us, they are still with us, as long as we carry them in our hearts.”

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