A new addition to WH Cornerstone Investments

Meet Griffin Brayer: WH Cornerstone Investments’ intern

Griffin graduated from Duxbury High School in 2016 and went on to attend UMass Amherst, in Amherst, MA. He is a Junior concentrating in studying electrical and computer engineering.

During his senior year of high school, Griffin was named captain of the Duxbury Sailing Team. He qualified and raced at New England Fleet Race Championship. He also won the Mass Bay League Team Race Championships. Griffin continues to sail for UMass.

In his free time, Griffin enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend, biking, hiking, sailing, and playing hockey (and has been known to play in his father’s “Old Man” hockey league from time to time.)

Griffin is a smart, personable, thoughtful team member, and is excited by the opportunity he has to work alongside the rest of the talented WH Cornerstone team to have as impactful of an internship as possible.

Did you know…Griffin also:
  • Is an Eagle Scout
  • Excels at board & card games
  • Only eats real maple syrup with his pancakes
  • Loves cooking, especially making chili
  • Is a trained life guard and has worked at Duxbury Beach for five years watching people rather than plovers

Like Griffin and all of us here at WH Cornerstone Investments, do you believe your future is greater than your past?

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