Romantic holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, are especially hard for widows.

Holidays are often a challenging time for people but even more so when someone has lost their spouse or life partner. Romantic holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, are especially hard for widows. It is another reminder of being alone and missing their loved one.

Here are a few ways to remember that special woman in your life and brighten her day.

Reach out

Everyone loves receiving a Valentine’s Day card—either store bought or homemade. Add a message about how special she is to you. Also consider writing a note sharing a story about her spouse. Don’t be afraid to use his name. Too many people are uncomfortable speaking the deceased’s name but it will mean so much to her. If you didn’t get a card in the mail, you can still make a call, send an email or even a text. She will appreciate that you are thinking of her.

Give a thoughtful gift

Remember when you used to get those conversations hearts with the silly messages and how great it made you feel. You don’t have to give anything big, just something thoughtful. It could be some nice chocolates, a lovely spring plant or some daffodils, or even a book that has some special meaning to you or her. She will appreciate you remembering her.

The gift of time

Offer to take her to lunch or dinner, share a cup of tea or coffee, go to the movies or spend a few hours helping her tackle a project or two. Think of all the projects where you could use an extra set of hands to accomplish tasks around the house. Most widows will tell you that Saturday night is the hardest night of the week where they feel the most alone. That might be a good time to offer to spend some together.

Offer a hug

The power of the human touch is very strong. When her spouse is no longer there, she may not receive hugs like she used to. Hugging is a wonderful way to connect to another human being. Plus, hugging is free so freely give them!

Help with the children—two legs and/or four legged

If she is raising their children by herself, she probably could use a break. Offer to take the kids for an afternoon or evening so that she could have some free time to do whatever she would like. You could even offer to take them to their activities so she can just breath a bit. If she has pets, maybe you could take them if she is traveling or even walk them a few times to give her a break.

Hopefully this list has provided some inspiration and ideas to reach out to that special widow in your life to reminder her that she is still thought of and loved by many every day, but especially on Valentine’s Day.

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