Rock and ripples

Death is more than dying!

Life’s foundation is not solid, like the earth,
But fluid, like a pond.
And when the large SPOUSE DEATH ROCK plunges
Into your part of life’s pond,
Where you have been floating
Peacefully, with only the usual minor ripples,
GIANT WAVES are created!

You are tossed up and down and sideways.
You are suddenly out of control.
Frantically, you climb into your lifeboat for safety.
You wait for the WAVES to subside.
You realize your lifeboat cannot calm the waters
It just keeps you from sinking.

Your WAVES radiate from your epicenter and
Continue unabated with no counteracting waves to
Lessen the intensity of your WAVES
Until they reach other people’s areas.

The invasion of your WAVES.
Into areas where others are floating,
With only their usual minor ripples of life,
Is quite upsetting!

Friends who have not has a SPOUSE DEATH ROCK,
Have no large waves, only ripples, to counteract your WAVES.
Their ripples are unable to calm your WAVES.
Family members, in varying degrees,
Had some big and some small pieces of the rock
Fall into their pond area, creating some
Waves of their own.

Family waves are larger than friends’ WAVES.
Family waves tend to calm your WAVES more effectively
Than friends’ waves, but not enough to eliminate your WAVES.

Your WAVES continue to radiate and your pond remains
Turbulent, until, your WAVES meet waves of others
Who have had a SPOUSE DEATH ROCK create waves
As large as yours. Their waves meeting your waves helps
Calm the waters.

As the waters calm, your lifeboat can
float closer and everyone can reach out
For comfort and share feelings.

Oh, you can try to tough it out alone!
But your water will never be calm enough
To safely sail alone and find calm waters.
Death is more than dying!

When your pond calms, and it will,
Your SPOUSE DEATH ROCK will still be there.
It lies beneath the surface, in the sediment
Of the pond bottom. You can’t see it,
But it’s there!

Over the years the rock slowly settles
In the pond bottom sediment
Each time the rock settles deeper,
Shock waves radiate up to the calm surface of your life’s pond.
The unexpected waves are unsettling.

The aftershocks will lessen as time passes.
The aftershocks will occur less frequently.
BUT, believe me,
The SPOUSE DEATH ROCK on the bottom of your pond
Never goes away!

written by George Weir

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