A lot of our practice focuses on supporting widows as they transition to managing their finances and life on their own.

One of our friends reached out to share this beautiful, raw and very real poem of what it was like for him to lose his spouse of many, many years.

He shared it and we share it in the hopes that it will bring comfort to others along their journey.

You are lonelyfile1761263062467

No matter how you lose your spouse,
An emptiness will fill your house.
Remembering, you walk each room,
Your happiness replaced by gloom.

You are lonely.

You keep her pictures on the wall,
They help, they hurt, but do recall.
They make you cry but you don’t need,
A catalyst to make you grieve.

You are lonely.

When will you learn to say goodbye?
What do you do? You have to try!
You leave the house to get a life,
Will ANYTHING replace your wife?

You are lonely.

Fall in love with someone new?
Would it be love, a love that’s true?
Too soon to know, too soon to tell,
This grieving BULL is raising hell!

You are lonely.

Moderation is HER word,
I NEVER learned. She’d have a bird.
I try to say goodbye! Goodbye!
But it’s too soon, I only LIE!


Anonymous ©1993

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