Recently, I gathered at Babson College with a hundred fabulous women for a conference geared for women. A group called put on the conference. The event, SHE DID IT, helps women in their mid-forties and up to figure out the answer to: “What now? What next?”

The conference was filled with a range of speakers to help you figure out the connection between mood & food, what to do about your “empty nest”, creating your new image, finding & pursuing your passion. The lunchtime speaker talked about Unleashing Your Beautiful Brain, which focused on our memory concerns and how to improve our brains at midlife. We enjoyed healthy meals & snacks while networking with each other.

I met some of the most fascinating women who were so energized about helping each other and themselves ensure that “the rest of their life, is the best of their life”. Many of the women were grapping with the empty next syndrome and what to do with the time on their hands. While others have found themselves “suddenly single” and rebuilding their lives.

Maybe you are grappling with some of these same issues. Have you found any resources to assist you through these life transitions? We would love to hear them. Please share.

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