As you’ve watched the news over the last week, have you noticed how important brands are? I’m sure some egg-head, PhD has volumes of information on quantifying that question.  I love brands.  We all do.  I’m not a Harley motorcycle guy, but I love the fact people get tattoos of this brand on their bodies. Strange? Yes, but impressive.  So according to “the powers that be”, Coca-Cola (KO) has been dethroned by Apple (AAPL) as the world’s most valuable brand. The soft drink giant had held the number #1 ranking for 13 consecutive years but fell to number #3.

Back to Apple, there’s a line out the door every time I go to the store.  It’s definitely a powerful brand!   Bottom line, brands are everywhere. Identify them and enjoy! And by the way, Coke is until number one in my brand book.  And, the brand ranking folks totally missed? WH Cornerstone Investments. What were they thinking!

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